Jeannette Castioni

born in Italy living in Iceland

1989/93      MA Painting Restoration, Institute for Conservation and Restoration “P. Spinelli” Florence, Italy,
1999/02       Academy of Arts, Painting department Bologna, Italy.
2004/06       BA Fine Art,LHÍ University of the Arts Reykjavík, Iceland.
2006/07       MA (I grade) Art Education, LHI Icelandic University of the Arts Reykjavík, Iceland.
2012/14       MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London,UK


2006         Ministry of Education and Culture of Iceland. Found for Cultural cooperation
2008         Grant from the Kulturhaus in Ahrenshoop, Northeast Germany.
2010         1-Year Research Grant from the Visual Artists Foundation of Iceland
2010         Support grant from the “Myndstef” the Association of Artists in Iceland
2011         Travel support grant from CIA the Centre for Icelandic Art,
2012         Support grant from the “Myndstef” The association of artist in Iceland
2012         6 Months Research Salary from the Visual Artist foundation of Iceland
2015         3 Months Research Salary from the Visual Artist foundation of Iceland


2010          Art Prize Guðmunda Andresdottir , for Postgraduate Art studies.
2012        “Sprouts of the Year” 2012 Icelandic Visual Art Award.
2015          Amalie Engilberts Art Fund Award.

Public acquisition:

2012         The Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik Iceland
2015         The National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavik Iceland

Residency/ workshops:

2006         Residence for Artists at the Skaftfell Cultural Centre in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.
2008         Kangerullussuak Atuarfiat, Nuuk, Greenland. Workshops with pupils form secondary local school
2008         Silamiut Theatre Nuuk, Greenland/ Theatre rehearsals/workshop.
2010/11    Circolo Scandinavo in Rome; performances and seminars on  the rhetoric of language.
2015         Cittadellarte “ UNIDEE” Michelangelo Pistoletto/Foundation in Turin, Italy

Group exhibitions:

2007         Signs/06 Ass.Cult. Emilio Casorati, Torino Italy.
2007         Video and Architecture Exhibition, University of Art Philadelphia, USA
2007         Video – Exhibition, Cultural and Communication Centre of Klaipeda, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
                 To where Council Gallery, Mosfellsbæ Iceland.
                 Video Art & Architecture event at the NCCA – National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia.
2008         After Urban – University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA – USA.
                 New Media & Video Festival at the Indiana University Art Gallery, USA.
                 Art & Architecture event at Monkey town in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York.
2009         The green scrub Graphic Gallery Association, Reykjavik Iceland.
2009         The law of dialectic at The New Branch “Grassroots’ 2008”, the Icelandic emergent artist
                  Exhibition in Hjalteyri, Iceland.
2009         The entropy of landscape /God words Municipal Art Museum of Akureyri.
2009         Communism didn´t happen /Solitude Landscape, Exhibition at the Kulturhaus in Ahrenshoop,
                  North-east Germany.
                 Sometimes they’ll return Exhibition the  Museum of Natural History in Kopavogur  Reykjavik, Iceland
2010         ATTITUDE Festival- Centre for Contemporary Public Arts – Bitola, Macedonia. See here
2010          Anamnesis/ be known to knowledge, the Árnesinga Art Museum in Hveragerði, Iceland
                  DRA the Dieter Roth Academy in Hjalteyri Iceland
2011          In between, Hafnaborg Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
2012         The painting site Akureyri Municipal Art Museum
2013         National Museum of Ethnography “LUIGI PIGORINI” Rome, Italy, See here
2014         Big Screen/Latitude Festival 2014, Southwold Suffolk UK. See here
                 6th Cairo Film Festival, Medrar, Cairo, Egypt: See here
                 “Les Recontres Internationales” New Cinema and Contemporary Art, Paris. See here
2015          Haus der Kulturen der Welt, New Cinema an Contemporary Art,Berlin. See here

Solo exhibitions:

2009         Who´s afraid of who? At The Reykjavik Art Museum, Hafnarhusið in Reykjavik, Iceland.
2010         How alike do we have to be, to be similar? Suðsuðvestur Gallery Keflavik,Iceland
2012         The autochthon, Gallery002 in Hafnarfjördur.
2012         Beloved Gudbjorg Collaborative projects with the music composer Atli Ingolfsson,
                  and artist Bruno Muzzolini.
2014         TOOLS, Slunkarikið Gallery, Isafjörður Iceland

Upcoming exhibitions:

2016-17      “Prepared hear” In collaboration with Þúriður Jónsdóttir Music Composer for “CYCLE
                 The Music and Art Festival, Kopavogur Iceland.

2008         Open Forum on the exhibition “orð Guðs/God words” on the 26 th of October at Ketilshús in Akureyri, Iceland.
2009         Open Forum in the department of Theology at the University of Reykjavik Iceland, the 21st of November 2008.
Open forum in collaboration with the Philosopher and Art Historian Ólafur Gíslason on the solo exhibition
“who´s afraid of who” at    the Reykjavik Art Museum.
2010         Art in translation. The conference was searching to address how arts discourses across linguistic borders affect
the production,reception, and interpretation of art, music, film and literature in a globalized context.
In collaboration with the University of Iceland, The Nordic House, the University of Manitoba, the
Vigdís Finnbogadottir Institute of Foreign Languages, and French Embassy of Iceland.
2011         In between. Artist talk within the frame of the exhibition with the anthropologist and curator Ólöf Gerður Sigfúsdóttir,
where the idea of collection and artefacts throughout cultural history as developed a precise scale of evaluation within the
frame of established heritages and known collections.
2011          Workshops and presentation at the Academy of Art of Rome about the new piece “the future is obsolete” within the frame
of the  course of digital media kept from Prof.Luca Valerio.
The rhetoric’s of politics and culture and the deconstruction of language was discussed and taken as a query to be examined,
as an example of the overall cultural misunderstandings, leading to distortions and further differentiations on a large scale.
2011         Talk with Museum director Inga Jónsdóttir about the Exhibition “Acknowledging knowledge”:

Lectures and teaching in Iceland:

2008/16      LHÍ, Icelandic University of  the Arts, Reykjavik Iceland
 Materials in Painting and organic chemistry.
The laboratories were hosted inside the painting department of the College of Art LHÍ, Main arguments treated:
Constituents of organic and inorganic materials, resins, proteins, different type of canvases and different approaches,
Dissimilarities between animal and vegetable fibres, pigments composition and colorants, their behaviour through light and resins. Mineral and vegetable oils, oxidation of proteins and sugar, natural and chemical wax, technical approach and differences alongside possibilities. General assumption about materials used in art making as Oil colours, acrylic colours, watercolours, tempera, and encaustic. Practical approach making colours and their use.

Painting laboratory and practical approaches:
During the course, students were developing a basic understanding of New Genre art practices and their origins, including relevant themes and concerns. The practical approach developed an understanding and a further engagement with themes and concepts explored previously through seminars and on-site. The course aimed to expand a variety of non-traditional approaches to art production while incorporating a conceptual framework in explorations.

2007/15       Junior College FÁ, Reykjavik Iceland.
Space and Composition/ Digital media:
The structure of space and the development of images.
Laboratory of Art 1, Laboratory of Art 2.The program was developed on lessons built through the direct examination of specific arguments taken from Visual Culture as a matter of effect above the creative process.
Through practical approaches and theoretical debates inherent Visual Culture we had been enquiring Art History, Design, Photography and Filmmaking as main backgrounds for discussion and research.

Digital Photography:
Main notions about digital images, composition and characteristics of images, colours, and pixel compositions, differences between films and digital cameras.
The space of composition, framing the subject, the rule of third, proportions perspective and the depth of field. The importance of light for image qualities, the contrast and the exposure time, shutters speeds, differences in long/short exposure. Lenses and their uses, zoom/macro, and close-up pictures.

Film Photography /laboratory:
Use of chemicals for develop black and white films, traditional print and a variety of special effects in black and white printing. Basic camera and darkroom techniques, emphasizing black and white film processing and printmaking. Skills associated with the use of traditional and medium format camera systems. Understanding of two-dimensional image design and composition including effectively communicate ideas.

Creative“Layouts”- Students Portfolio
The course is based on to develop students skills in creating their own portfolio
Presentations standing as representative of a person’s skills and accomplishments, as essential curricula for applications to graduate schools as LHÍ or University abroad university and institutions. Different idea processes and associated within the arts and art importance Whilst promoting innovations through the delivery of information.
Disciplines taught:
Basic technique skills, historical cross-connections and art-movements technique aims .
Processing images, and layout basic skills for the web.