The word “anamnesis” is demolishing the boundaries between the world as known, and the imaginary, and at the same time affecting our seeing and the embodiment of the subject, whatever it is. But it is the fragmentary imagination leading us beside the physical perception, or is rather the memory of lived antiquities as common reminiscences able to create grotesque representations?

To welcome the unpredictable, the unknown, the mystical the unattainable means to bring the perception out from his ordinary limits, to make it alive into the vivid present. Perhaps is only the intimate space of reminiscences, where a dialog can exist and be cogitating. The Anamnesis then, is disclosing invisible entities and his focal length is getting us close to the reminiscence of our being. The piece is playing with the human consciousness and mystical creations, beside cultural knowledge. The terms “anamnesis” is seeing as the wonder of imagined memory, naturally residing in human being but never obsolete because capable to draw the cores from common experiences as inheritance of humanity.

Material description: computer layout printed images variable dimension, a bench and 6 headphones with voices of interviewed people.