To where


The installation was created to dredge the idea of location and the human capacity of adaptation where the piece is showing two different sides. The first one is inside the exhibition gallery where a cone, made of a white cardboard, was positioned in front of a circular window to be used as a binocular for people to look trough. The second side was positioned outside where an image reflected in a mirror in front of the circular window, was reflecting a signboard from outside, and placed on the wall above the gallery, through the binocular in to the galleries space.

The idea about, places and the consequential doubt about the concreteness of those sites were underlined. The idea was delved also by a video where the Italian Irpinia earthquake from 1980 was used as an example of the human conception of sites and locations, toward the issue of conformation.

Media: Cardboard paper, coloured tape, video, projector, mirror, and tripod.